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Vroom Quick-Clean Home Central Vacuum Accessories

Vroom central vacuum accessories offer quick cleanups of daily dry spills and messes in  high-traffic areas of your home like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, foyers, mud rooms, workshops, garages, master suites, hobby rooms, “man-caves,” in-home theaters, playrooms and more!


Hidden, But Always There

Vroom easily installs in cabinets or closets and turns any central vacuum system into a powerful, quick-clean appliance. Once installed, the Vroom is always there when you need it, but out of sight when you don’t.


Convenient Quick Cleanups

Vroom is perfect for everyday use since it offers up to 24' of retractable hose, and is instantly accessible for frequent cleanups. With the Vroom around, there’s no need to grab the central vacuum hose or multiple cleaning supplies (broom, stick mop, hand vacuum, sponge or towels) to clean floors, countertops, appliances, drawers, walls, rugs and more.


Retractable Hose Makes Usage Easy & Fast

Simple to use, Vroom automatically turns on or off when the hose handle is removed or replaced in the docking station, and the hose retracts when finished. From pet hair to spilled cereal to broken glass, no mess is a match for Vroom’s speed and convenience. 

Optional Tools/Tool Caddy Make Vroom Even More Convenient

Optional attached tool holder stores an adjustable wand and floor/rug tool for fingertip accessibility and effortless cleaning.



Spot by Vroom Quick-Clean Convenience


SPOT keeps out-of-sight and instantly accessible until needed, that’s why homeowners that have SPOT, never want to be “SPOTLESS!”

Easy Built-in Convenience

SPOT stores up to 15' of retractable hose in the wall for fast and easy on-the-spot cleaning. Simply  lift the lid, pull out the hose, flip the switch and clean your mess. When you’re finished cleaning, SPOT retracts back into the wall and out of sight until needed.


Vroom in the Garage

Easily bring powerful, space-saving, cleaning convenience to garages, vehicles and more.


  • Versatile tools make vacuuming jobs a snap

  • Six Year Warranty

  • One gallon, microfiber filtration bag

  • 40' Hose shrinks to 8' and stores easily around the power unit

  • Available in Surface-mount or Flush-mount styles

  • Specifications: 120 volts, 12 amps, 400 air watts, 100 H20 lift

  • Winner - CE Pro Best and Technology Integrator Exc!te awards!

Vroom Quick-Clean Home Central Vacuum Accessory
Vroom Garage Home Central Vacuum Accessory
Vroom Garage Home Central Vacuum Accessory
Vroom Quick-Clean Spot Central Vacuum Accessory

Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System for Central Vacuums


Never again deal with another cord or hose when using this powerful common-sense vacuuming solution. It can be installed in any home at any time, and can be retrofitted into homes that already have a central vacuum system.


Eliminate hose and cord complaints.
Use only as much hose as needed.
Less vacuum inlets for quicker cleaning.

Installs in existing homes and retrofits into vac systems.

Suction retracts hose, no mechanism failures.


The major complaint of regular vacuuming is the electrical cord, and for central vacuuming it is the hose. But when homeowners try using the retractable central vacuum hose from Hide-A-Hose it quickly becomes a "must-have" appliance. No cord to wrap up, no hose to put away, no excuse for just getting the job done now because it is so easy. Simply open the inlet door, easily pull out any amount of hose, and then vacuum away. When finished, the suction alone retracts the hose into the vacuum pipes so there are no moving parts that wear down or need to be replaced in the wall or system. Hide-A-Hose is available in 30, 40, 50, and 60 foot lengths. One 50 foot Hide-A-Hose covers nearly 2,300 sq. ft. so there are less inlets needed than with the traditional central vacuum installation which uses a 30 foot hose.

Hide a Hose Central Vacuum
Hide a Hose Central Vacuum

Nutone Vacpan Automatic Dustpan Inlet for Central Vacuums


Nutone Vacpan Gives your broom the power of central vacuum systems features:

  • Adds extra convenience to every Central Cleaning System

  • Activate switch, sweep dirt into VacPan™, and floor is instantly clean, all without bending or stooping

  • Fits flush-mount in cabinet toekick or wall baseboard

  • Activate by directing footswitch to ON position; turn off by returning switch to OFF position

  • Constructed of durable ABS resin

  • For new and existing central cleaning installations

  • Finish trim plate also available (Model CI-366W/B/V)

  • Great for kitchens, laundry rooms, mudrooms - wherever there is smooth flooring

Nutone Vacpan Automatic Dustpan Inlet for Central Vacuums
Nutone Vacpan Automatic Dustpan Inlet for Central Vacuums

Wally Flex - Your New Butler


The wally flex is an innovative auxiliary for central vacuum systems. Practical, nice looking and easy to use, the Wally Flex is there when you need it:

  • Comes with a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool.

  • Easily remove hair and dirt from bathroom countertops

  • Remove lint from drier filter

  • Clean out the dirt in the car from the Garage


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Wally Flex - Your New Butler