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Element Central Vacuum Systems Power Units


Element Central Vacuum Systems offer two types of power units- Permanent Filter and Disposable Filter Bag. Both are full-featured, powerful systems that provide a superior cleaning experience. Element power units are rated by square footage. The best system for your home may be rated at a higher square footage based on your particular home layout and chosen system options. Your dealer will recommend the unit that will provide you with the maximum cleaning power. All Element Power Units are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Element Central Vac Permanent Filter Power Units

Element’s dual-filtration design with cyclonic action provides consistent vacuum power and protects your indoor air quality. Best of all, it features a permanent filter, which never needs replaced. With Element, you’ll enjoy hassle-free cleaning performance year after year.

  • Proven Motor Performance translates into strong vacuum power

  • Filter shroud deflects heavy dirt particles, and deposits them into the dirt canister

  • Self-cleaning, permanent CleanShield™ filter captures fine dust particles, eliminating the need for an outdoor exhaust.

  • High-capacity, translucent dirt canister needs emptied 3-4 times per year

  • On-board inlet valve with on/off switch allows convenient cleaning at the power unit location. 

Element Central Vac Disposable Bag Power Units


Element Disposable Bag power units take central vacuum cleaning to the next level by ensuring you never have to touch the dirt, even when the vacuum is full! The units feature durable, triple-layer filter bags that do not let any dust escape. Since the outside of the CleanShield™ bag is never exposed to dirt, neither are you. Simply remove, seal and replace the bag ensuring the cleanest experience possible.


  • Eliminates 100% of vacuumed dust and allergens from your home

  • Replaceable 6-gallon filtration bag filters particles as small as .3 microns

  • Powerful, high-performance motor delivers strong vacuum power

  • DB7000 and DB9000 Models features a permanent CarbonCapture Filter to elminate carbon dust from escaping the motor compartment. The CarbonCapture Filter is designed to last the lifetime of the motor.


Element Central Vac Powerheads for Carpet Cleaning


Element Central Vacuums are available with a choice of powerheads to suit your cleaning preferences:

Element Acclaim Electric Powerheads


  • 4-position height adjustment for a variety of carpet and floor types

  • Non-slip cogged belt design

  • Overload motor protection

  • Acclaim12 has a 12" cleaning path, Acclaim15 has a 15" cleaning path- both for quick and efficient vacuuming

  • Rubber bumper to protect furnishings and floorings

  • Easy brush roller removal for cleaning or replacement

  • Thick rubber wheels allows for stable, fast cleaning while protecting furnishings and floorings

  • Quick wand release makes removal smooth and effortless

  • Neck release pedal allows for 180° swivel allowing unbeatable maneuverabilty 

  • Durable, lightweight injection-molded, high impact ABS plastic

  • 3.5" flat-to-floor profile

  • Easy clog removal door allows for stress-free operation


Element Edge Electric Powerhead


  • 5-position height foot pedal easily adjusts to a wide variety of carpets and floor surfaces

  • Durable cogged belt design for trouble-free performance

  • Bright LED headlamp offers longer service life

  • Overload protection protects the motor from jams

  • 13.25" wide cleaning path for quick and efficient vacuuming

  • 180 degree swivel neck makes it simple to vacuum under and around furniture or in tight areas

  • Molded plastic roller brush with sturdy nylon bristles in chevron pattern promotes maximum cleaning and airflow

  • Large, non-marring, soft rubber rear wheels (and 2 small front wheels) glide over any flooring or heavy pile carpet

  • Quick-disconnect of adjustable wand with concealed cord

  • Neck release pedal

  • Large edge cleaning channels capture debris at carpet edge

  • Dry squeegee thoroughly cleans hard surfaces

  • Sleek, lightweight body


Element EG1400 Electric Powerhead


  •  4-position height adjustment for a wide variety of carpets and floor surfaces

  • Poly V belt for lasting performance

  • Headlamp with replaceable bulb illuminates areas to be cleaned

  • Overload protection reset button protects the motor from jams

  • Wide 14" cleaning path for faster, more efficient vacuuming

  • Wrap-around over-mold bumper protects furnishings and baseboards

  • Wooden brush roller with sturdy nylon bristles in chevron pattern promotes maximum cleaning

  • Large, oversized rear wheels (and 2 small front wheels) glide over any surface and make maneuvering easier

  • Quick-disconnect of 2-piece or adjustable chrome wand with standard or coiled cord

  • Neck/handle release pedal

  • Dual edge cleaning for thorough wall-to-wall cleaning makes getting up against baseboards and walls simple

  • Durable yet lightweight construction


Element EG1200 Electric Powerhead


  • 3-position carpet height dial adjusts for any carpet height or floor surface

  • Standard flat belt

  • Full-length headlamp with replaceable bulb lets you see what you’re cleaning 

  • Overload protector reset button protects the motor from jams

  • 12" wide cleaning path for quick vacuuming

  • Wrap-around rubber bumper protects furnishings and baseboards

  • Wooden roller brush with sturdy nylon bristles in chevron pattern is perfect for deep cleaning

  • 4 stationary wheels for stable and smooth vacuuming action

  • Button-lock release of 2-piece chrome wand with standard cord

  • Pull back neck release

  • Edge cleaner removes dirt trapped at the carpet’s edges

  • Lightweight, low-profile design makes vacuuming and maneuvering easy

BEAM Serenity Central Vacuums

This award-winning central vacuum system offers powerful yet quiet operation, proven allergen reduction that helps simplify cleaning your home.


Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation System Makes BEAM the quietest central vacuum in the industry.


Utility Valve - Built-in utility inlet for garage or basement use. Conveniently vacuum out your car or clean your basement or garage by plugging a hose directly into the utility inlet on the power unit.


Self Cleaning Filter - Exclusive BEAM Self-Cleaing Filter with GORE technology filters 98% of particles down to 0.3 microns while it protects and prolongs motor life. No need to ever purchase a filter bag or clean your filter.


Powerful Whole House Cleaning - 550 to 640 air watts of power to clean 3,500 to 12,000 square feet. No matter what your home size, there is a BEAM Serenity that will fit your cleaning needs perfectly.


Anti-Vibration Mounting System -The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet, low-maintenance operation.

BEAM Serenity 325A Central Vacuum


Designed for homes, townhomes and condominiums where storage space is at a premium, this compact, 550-airwatt power unit offers a powerful clean for up to 3,500 square feet.


BEAM Serenity 375A Central Vacuum


BEAM’s most popular selling power unit offers a powerful clean for up to 7,000 square feet. At 600 air watts, it offers high-performance cleaning for your home.


BEAM Serenity 398A Central Vacuum


This unit’s large-capacity filter and quiet operation make it an industry leader capable of cleaning up to 12,000 square feet. At 640 air watts, it offers high-performance cleaning power for your home.

BEAM Q Deluxe Cleaning Set for Central Vacuum


This quiet powerhead offers 3 height levels and a quick-release wand for touch-up cleaning. A 30-ft hose, hose sock, BEAM Premier Tools, @hand Powerbrush and Active Pickup Brush are included


  • 30' Crushproof Hose with 3-way switch-Ultra Handle

  • Beam Q electric power brush with height adjustment and quick release neck

  • Ultra telescopic wand with integrated cord

  • On-board tool storage in the Ultra handle

  • @hand powerbrush, Beam Turbo floor brush, hose rack and hose sock.


Vroom Central Vac Garage System


There are two components to the Vroom Garage Vacuum System — a high-performance power unit that hangs on the wall and a retractable hose system mounted overhead. The hose system packs up to 24’ of hose into a sleek, durable case no more than three inches wide. It’s always on, always ready so you can get the job done in just the time it takes to grab, pull and retract. For maximum cleaning reach, the power unit features an onboard valve to connect an optional 30’ hose.